Home Insurance Exclusions!

Home Insurance Exclusions!

What is not Covered in the Event of a Claim

It is important to avoid an unwelcome surprise, that you are very clear on what is not covered under the insurance policy protecting your home. For this post I am going to paraphrase those terms found under “Exclusions” in your policy to make it easier to understand

Here they are the Losses you are not covered for!

The two most common exclusions are:

  • Flood – which is damage caused by water coming from outside your home, such as water entering your lower level or seeping in thru the foundation
  • Earthquake – or earth movement, that causes damage to your home

But there are other exclusions you should be aware of to avoid surprises

  • Wear & Tear – normally referred to as gradual loss
  • Contamination – damage caused to your property from pollution, such as oil
  • Loss by Animals – a broad exclusion, but think of termites
  • Freezing Water – when a building is left vacant freeze damage is excluded
  • Nuclear/Radiation – this damage is not covered
  • Act of War – must be a declared conflict
  • Fungi/Mold – policies exclude coverage, but generally provide $10,000 for clean-up/remediation
  • Computer Error – think of being hacked, it’s not covered but you can buy this coverage separately
  • Intentional Acts – if you light the fire, it will not be covered
  • Criminal Acts – cannot break the law and be covered
  • Faulty Planning or Construction – liability would be addressed by builder/architect

All home policies differ in the language, and then the list of exclusion language as well, but in a general sense these are the most common.

If you have a question on your home policy email Kyle at kshepard@shepardingrp.com to get the intel you need.

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