Infrared Home Scan, A New Step in Prevention

Infrared Home Scan, A New Step in Prevention

It is alarmingly clear, that driven by the volume and severity of natural disasters, home insurance premiums are rising. The most important step in controlling those increases is avoiding property claims. Especially those claims you can prevent!

One of the new tools in insurance claim prevention is Infrared Scanning of your home. Infrared, or thermography is whole body scan for temperature differentials.

Here is a brief list of the potential claims you can avoid with Infrared

Water leaks – infrared heat signal can identify moisture leaking from plumbing in the walls from the heat differential. A cool area of the scan will indicate an anomaly by the heat indicated

Infrared Home Scan
Infrared Home Scan

Electrical Hot spots – dimmer switches, junction boxes, or power strips can identify an electrical hot spot due to that area being above 100 degrees vs normal electrical temperatures

Inadequate Insulation – in conjunction with piping to avoid a freeze up in the winter

Infrared is currently being conducted by most of the premium insurance companies as part of the appraisal process with an eye to preventing claims that are hidden within the walls of a home.

Infrared scanning can only be a benefit in preventing claims to control the aggravation & intrusion of repairs and the corresponding impact on future insurance cost.

If you have questions about Infrared Home Scan, reach out to Kyle at kshepard@shepardinsgrp.com for answers.

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