It was just a small leak!

It was just a small leak!

It is the Number 1 Cause of Home Insurance Claims.

You probably thought that the number 1 cause of home insurance claims are the devastating weather storms that are happening all over the US. Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Wildfires.


The single largest cause of homeowner claims is a leak from inside your house. Internal water damage claims are responsible for more that 40% of all home insurance claims.

A simple leak, at the wrong time, in the wrong place can result in staggering property damage. Even worse if you spend time away from your home at a second location. And if you have a water damage claim, your options for insurance become very restrictive as well.

Here is a solution!

Leak Detection – a simple electronic device that attaches to your water main, installed by your plumber, that learns you water usage pattern, and if that usage pattern varies, your water is electronically shut off at the main valve, restricting the flow and the potential damage for a leak and damage.

Pipes cannot last forever; hoses like those to your washing machine, toilet and sinks have a much shorter life span. Preventing that water leak can protect your insurance record, save the cost of your deductible and avoid the aggravation of a leak.

All new home construction comes with a requirement that a Leak Detection device be included in the plumbing. Check out the details at Chubb Insurance’s link Water Coverage | Chubb

The best part is a Leak Detection device provides a significant credit on your home insurance premium to accelerate payback on the cost and installation.

If you would like to learn more about Leak Detection devices drop Kyle an email for the intel at Kshepard@kshepard

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