Prevent House Fires

Prevent House Fires

The thought of your home burning up in flames is scary. While the memories will remain, the physical copies of children’s pictures, wedding photos, and home movie footage could be lost. The good news is that there are ways to prevent fires from happening!

5 Ways to Prevent a Fire

  1. Check Your Smoke Detectors – As soon as smoke enters the device, the alarm will sound and the problem may be caught before it’s an emergency. The annoying chirping when a battery is low is not something to be ignored.
  2. Check Your Dryer – Dryer lint is easily forgettable, but it’s also one of the main causes of house fires. Don’t forget to clean out the lint trap between every new load of laundry. Make sure to check behind the machine as well. Lint or even a lost sock can manage to get behind the dryer and you don’t want your favorite pair to become fire starter.
  3. Control The Flames – If a fire extinguisher is not readily available, using salt or baking soda can help put out a grease fire. DO NOT use water, biscuit mix, or baking powder because this can actually make things worse. Always make sure to blow out any candles and to put out the fireplace when you’re done using it.
  4. Maintain Chords – Making sure a chord is not ripped or chewed is a good way to avoid an accidental spark. If multiple chords need to be used, investing in a surge protector will reduce excess electricity from escaping. Keep chords from running under carpets so they do not overheat.
  5. Don’t Smoke Inside – Smoking outside ensures that a fire will not erupt inside the house. Hot ash from the cigarette should always be dumped in an ash tray, and make sure the ashes are cool before throwing it out. A burning cigarette may linger and it even though you may think it is put out, the hot ash mixed with the burning chemicals is not something you want in your trash right away.

This is publication from Shepard Insurance Group. If you have questions about housefires, Email us at info@preventible.net, or call (203) 637-6655.

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