Put it under Lock and Key

Put it under Lock and Key

Add a Password Manager to Secure Your Finances

How many usernames do you have for your investment accounts, bank accounts, and credit cards? Are they all the same, or similar?

How many passwords?

How do you remember your usernames and passwords? Do you have them recorded for quick retrieval? Is that secure?

We think a Password Manager is the Better Way!

Here is a quick Study!

Once you decide on a Password Manager ( we like https://keepersecurity.com/ ) you begin by loading all your financial accounts to secure them.

You use the same Username, but the Password Manager assigns a new thirteen-digit password to each account that a hacker cannot crack.

Your access to your financial account is secured by the Password Manager. To sign on you launch the manager which prompts a 6-digit code to your phone to record in the manager. At that time, you key in a single password to open all your financial accounts.

To access anyone of multiple accounts you simply hit the launch button and you are in.

A little work to set up, but the Password Manager secures your financials to avoid any outside intrusion.

Cyber thievery is a massive problem and the less secure the more likely. Take a minute to check out Keeper, or other Password managers and get fully secured!

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