Go Electronic to Avoid & Minimize Claims

Go Electronic to Avoid & Minimize Claims

In the electronic world we live in, maintaining focus is a challenge. The number of internet driven disruptions you receive daily are in the hundreds. This over stimulated existence has a cost. When it comes to your home being focused on, maintenance can have a big affect on preventing claims. Claims that ultimately cost you more in future premiums.

It’s our suggestion at preventible that you go Electronic to keep up with the maintenance list. Put a calendar reminder in for those periodic service items so that they do not go unattended to and leave you vulnerable for claims.

Your list should include cleaning the gutters in the fall to avoid ice damming and resulting water damage. Checking those gutter downspouts and leader to avoid water in the basement.

It could be semi or annual service of your generator to avoid any loss of power. AT a minimum it can save all the food spoilage that needs to be tossed out, or in the winter help to avoid loss of heat and frozen pipes.

Set up that reminder and build it over time to receive that electronic reminder of those steps you should be taking to keep your house safe. Put that phone and its automated calendar to work for you in preventing an unnecessary claim.

Some insurance claims are not preventable, but being organized on home maintenance can be a deterrent from an unfortunate event. And your automated calendar can help.

For the foreseeable future we are going to live in a world where climate change and it’s resulting weather is going to have a serious impact on insurance and the claims that result. These natural disasters have pushed insurance companies and their underwriters into a bit of a geographic frenzy as they try to get a grip on global warming.

Those claims and imparticular the severity of these claims is causing a surge in home insurance rates, to all homeowners.

And if you are one of the unfortunate, it is that claim that is adding an additional surcharge to those premiums.

Preventible – is an effort to provide valuable guidance in avoiding property claims long term. Whether its cleaning your gutters or installing water shut-off valves, we want to offer you guidance on the best ways to prevent claims.

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