Protecting Your Wine

Protecting Your Wine

Is Your Collection Safe?

It’s not unusual for a collector who spends a significant amount of money to add a temperature controlled house to have a wine cellar to order to keep inventories of fine wine.

Is The Wine Well Protected?

Wine inventories are kept in a temperature controlled environment to ensure it is kept at the perfect temperature to preserve the value.

How is the temperature monitored?

  1. Tied into generator in the event of loss of power
  2. Monitored in the event of air conditioning malfunction
  3. Monitored for the moisture content of the room

Similar to other protection devices, there are now Wi-Fi enabled sensors you can install in your cellar to protect your inventory from temperature or moisture change. If there is a change to the parameters you set for your inventory, you will receive an alert on your phone to allow the proper response.

There are insurance companies piloting this new wine protection. It might be sensible to ask.

This is publication from Shepard Insurance Group. If you have question about protecting your wine email us at, or call (203) 637-6655, to learn more about how to protect yourself when future storms hit.

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