Pools Belong In The Backyard

Pools Belong In The Backyard

Even if you evacuate, your home cannot avoid heavy rain. When a big storm comes, fear of basement flooding may turn into anger if it happens.

Shepard Insurance Group has the following tips for you to keep your basements dry:

  1. Clean your gutters and make sure downspouts are at least three feet away.
  2. Inspect your home and fix any cracks in your foundation so water does not have an easy way in.
  3. Make sure your sump pump is clean, has power, and if it is portable, move it to the lowest area of your basement if possible.
  4. Inspect and clean out your septic tanks to avoid clogs.
  5. If you have basement windows, it may be a good idea to install window covers.

Most homeowners’ insurance does not cover flooding. Taking the necessary precautions can save hours of headache while also keeping your wallet happy.

This is publication from Shepard Insurance Group. If you have questions about flooding in your home, reach out to us at, or call (203) 637-6655.

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